Uncharted Movie Script Is Finished and It Is ‘a BEAST’

The Uncharted Movie Script Has Been Finalized and the Writer Describes It as ‘a BEAST’

So the script for the live-action Uncharted movie that Sony Pictures has been working on is finished, and writer Joe Carnahan boasts about it over Instagram, insisting that “this thing is a BEAST.” Is it a beast? Maybe. Nothing can be seen past the initial cover page but, hopefully, Nathan Drake will be fighting some beasts in glorious, Hollywood-esque action sequences.

The movie itself is set to be a large-scale, real-life adaptation of Naughty Dog’s action-adventure series, Uncharted. Since its original green-light in 2008, cast, crew, writers, and directions have all been switched around, but when Sony Pictures brought director Shawn Levy on board in October, the film was quickly on its course to completion. Filming will begin at some time early this year.

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