Award-Winning The Flame in the Flood Survival Game Is Hitting PS4

With Man’s Best Friend, Great Music, and Beauty around Unforgiving Corners, You Are the Flame in the Flood

One of 2016’s most underrated games will hit the shelves for PlayStation 4The Flame in the Flood is a unique survival game that launched via Kickstarter and made its way onto PC and console. Last year it saw great success, being awarded “Best Games of 2016 You Didn’t Play,” “Best Game Soundtrack” and “Best Survival Game.” But first gift yourself a good glimpse of the game in this new trailer:

Accompanied by a Chuck Ragan soundtrack and the dog Aesop, players explore a procedurally-generated landscape that offers fresh experiences across post-societal America. Despite its showing as a very fun adventure game, make no mistake, you will forage for supplies, craft survival tools, and become prey. Cathartic in a sense, every escape from death can deliver joy on top of relief.

We’re talking a voyage game like no other, in a beautiful but relentless environment. And starting January 2017, PlayStation 4 players can explore via The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition. This is an exclusive version containing a brand-new Directors’ Commentaryfor those interested in design and development. Players also obtain a wonderful dynamic theme, two new system avatars, and many gameplay tweaks designed to offer the best experience possible. Members over at Curve Digital are going so far as to name this “the definitive version.”


The Flame in the Flood was created by The Molasses Flood, a group of “AAA refugees” from well-known studios Irrational, Harmonix and Bungie. Since this is apparently their first major project, we can probably expect some innovative titles from them in the future. Members have worked on BioShock games, Rock Band, Guitar Hero and the Halo series; hence, “AAA refugees.” For more on them and the gaming industry, keep updated with COGconnected. And remember, The Flame in the Food, January 17. Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release