Square-Enix Announces Marvel Collaboration

Square-Enix/Marvel Team-up will Start with The Avengers Project

Square-Enix announced their new partnership with Marvel on Twitter this morning. No concrete details have been released beyond a hash tag and a teaser video, embedded below.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle 1

The Post promises multiple games are in the works. The trailer doesn’t give anything away, either. Just some cryptic images and a call to ‘reassemble.’ It’s all very reminiscent of the usual Avengers/Marvel mythos.

Pretty exciting stuff, right? Assuming it isn’t a series of cash-grab mobile titles. One ray of light is the specific inclusion of Crystal Dynamics in the trailer. A branch of Square’s company closely tied to more western-type properties (i.e. not JRPGs), CD is known mostly for the Tomb Raider series. Which is great news! She’s a badass action hero, Marvel deals exclusively in badass action heroes, it’s a match made in heaven. Which is to say these could be great games, maybe.

We’ll keep you posted with any new developments here.

SOURCE: Twitter