XCOM Style Shock Tactics Coming to PC in Early 2017

Turn Based Strategy Is Back in a Big Way This Spring with Shock Tactics on PC

Today, developer, Point Blank Games has announced that their new turn based strategy game, Shock tactics, will be coming to PC in early 2017. The project was unveiled months ago as one of the first games the studio would be producing, and it looks like they’ve polished up quite a bit since the announcement. If you have been itching for some intense turn based action since finishing XCOM 2, this game will definitely scratch that itch.

shock tactics release screen

You will lead a team of mercenaries who are being sent into a strange alien plannet named Hephæst. You will be working to blaze a trial through the undiscovered land in the name of the Free Space Pioneers, finding yourself at odds with different types of aliens, space pirates, and an opposing faction called the Imperial Consortium.

Shock Tactics Feature Pic

Like other games in the same genre, game play will revolve around squad based combat. Managing the equipment of your troops will be just as key to achieving victory as what strategies you employ on the battlefield. Decide where to strike, where to defend, and where to explore based on whether you need more resources, alien technologies to improve your units and base, or just more information. The maps will be procedurally generated, meaning there will be a degree of randomness that should keep subsequent play-throughs fresh and engaging. Below is a breakdown of features to expect when Shock tactics launches in Q1 of 2017:

  • Aggressive Tactics: Enjoy full control of your squad while you race against the clock to knock out enemy encampments before they can be reinforced.
  • Challenging squad tactics combat: Knowing your enemy is the key to victory. Enemies will have a huge array of weapons and tactics to use against you, learn what they are capable of and craft a strategy to deal with each individual unit type.
  • Strike team progression: Alien technology and salvage can be used to reinforce your strike team, craft new weapons and gear as well as beef up your base.
  • Full Control: Action Point based movement system means that if something changes on the battlefield, you can halt your strike team’s progression without penalty and react to the dynamic battlefield.
  • Hostile Planet: Three different areas of the planet will yield differing rewards and be guarded by various bloodthirsty enemies.
  • Fate of Hephæst: Experience a story revealing the secrets of the planet while the great factions steer towards a final battle deciding their fate in the galaxy.

shock tactics troop upgrade

Leonard Kausch, Game Director at Point Blank Games says, “Shock Tactics is our own vision of modern-age strategy games. The very aggressive turn-based game play forces players to get rid of familiar habits and defensive tactics and deal with new, more active ways of fighting enemies… We can’t wait until the players finally can see the results of our development.“ The game will be available very soon (though there is not an official release date as of yet) through Steam or through EuroVideo.

Source: press release