City of the Dead – Second DLC for Dark Souls 3 Set in Londor

According to Rumor, the Second DLC for Dark Souls 3 Is Called ‘City of the Dead’ and Will Be Set in Londor

Some interesting information has been uncovered about the second DLC for Dark Souls 3, giving us some major details about the upcoming content pack for the brutally grinding RPG. YouTuber Sanadsk is known for in-depth coverage of Dark Souls 3 on his channel and has recently told his viewers that he has found mention of the DLC quite a few times, they’ve just been buried in the game’s files. He’s also found weapons that look hollow and can’t be obtained through the regular means of gameplay, which supposedly means that they’ll be coming with the next DLC.

In Japanese, the DLC will be called Miyako no Mouja. Translating to “City of the Dead,” this name gives fans hints to where the next DLC will be taking place – Londor, land of the Hollows.

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