Nintendo Switch Could be Released at $215, According to Nikkei

 But Is That Price Too Good to Be True?

We learn the Nintendo Switch potential price point from its Nikkei listing at 25,000 yen. Adjusted, it means selling at (£175 / €200 / $215) in applicable countries. If it were true, it would make more sense of the Gameseek pricing at £198.50. Furthermore, Nikkei talks about lack of excitement for Nintendo consoles in the past, hindering long-term momentum. Thus, they go on to mention former president Satoru Iwata.

Nintendo Switch

“… we believe that the video game platform business is a business of momentum. Once you gain momentum, consumers can feel comfortable in choosing your machine. Software makers feel secure to make the applicable titles. These attitudes will further create a positive cycle, like a chain reaction.

“But if the mood starts to go in the opposite direction, you have to fight against headwind. So, trying to make one brand-new proposal after another in the first and second years, when the platform is still in its infancy, is always important.”

Nintendo Switch Mario

Sounds like Nintendo could be in the process of compensating for past mistakes, and may do so via Nintendo Switch. We can only hope this means more investment from the major company towards console gaming. But if Nikkei’s listed price is true, then we may have much to look forward to. At the least, Nintendo Switch would easier its way into many households.

We are a few days away from the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 that will broadcast on Thursday, January 12 at 8pm PT (11pm ET) or Friday, January 13 at 4am GMT (5am CET). During the event, we expect to learn all major details about the system: exact release date, price, title line-up, etc. So keep an eye out. Then, remember to stick around for the livestream that will provide a detailed look at featured Nintendo games. And more on the latest, remember to keep up with COGconnected. Happy gaming.