New Sega Documentary Out Run the Future Announced

Trailer and Kickstarter for Sega Documentary Coming in March

Zach Weddington has revealed his next documentary project. Weddington, whose credits include the Viva Amiga film, has revealed his next project. Titled Sega: Out Run The Future, it was announced this morning via Facebook. Currently the page has little information beyond the poster below. Weddington has promised a trailer for the Sega documentary will follow in March, along with a Kickstarter campaign shortly after. HeyPoorPlayer (HPP) reports that crowd funding will be employed along with independent funding in order to produce the film. Weddington is also reaching out to Sega executives about gaining official approval for the project.

sega documentary out run the future

Details about the Sega documentary are scarce at present but Weddington has confirmed that the script is finished. He has also completed several interviews at this time. The movie’s tagline suggests it will “travel in time through the technological golden age of Japan” in order to uncover Sega’s intricate history. HPP also learned that Weddington’s film will be covering all three of Sega’s biggest markets; Japan, North America and Europe. The film will also touch on Sega’s continued success  in South America through TecToy. Weddington told HPP that despite his inherent American bias, the crew wants a “strong European and Japanese perspective as these were very important markets for Sega, particularly the UK where they definitely got it right!”

Although the film’s successful production is partially relying on Kickstarter, Weddington’s previous success with Viva Amiga should reassure fans on the fence about this project.

SOURCE: HeyPoorPlayer