After Eight Years, Fan-Made Mega Man 2.5D Is Now Free to Download

For Eight Years, Peter SjöStrand Has Been Developing a Beautiful Fan-Made Mega Man Game, Titled Mega Man 2.5D, and It’s Now Available to Download

After eight years of developing, drawing, tinkering, and texturing, the fan-made Mega Man game from Peter Sjöstrand, titled Mega Man 2.5D, is now available to download here. The 2.5 visuals combined with a perspective-changing camera that gives it the depth of a pseudo-3D game can be seen in the trailer below!

Peter says that there are two main things that make this game different from other Mega Man games. There’s the first, which is a local co-op mode where two players can team up to face Dr. Wily together, and the other is camera perspective changes, which is featured mostly in single-player mode.

Although his creation is super cool, Capcom will most likely try to take this gem down, so you should probably download it while it’s still here.

Have you gotten the chance to try out Mega Man 2.5D? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

mega man 2.5d