“Nope,” Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Have a Season Pass

Which Probably Means Mass Effect: Andromeda will Offer a full Experience

After gaming in an industry nearly defined by DLC and expansions, fans were curious about Mass Effect: Andromeda’s ultimate price tag. So BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn took to Twitter to confirm some things. In case players wondered how much extra money they would dish out at release, we have an answer. “Nope.” There will be no season pass for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Possibly a relief to many BioWare fans, depending on how you see things. But Flynn, in regards to DLC, said more would be mentioned at a later date. Now’s a good time to note that DLCs are like a BioWare tradition, going back as early as Dragon Age: Origins. But, fortunately, extra content in BioWare games has usually enhanced the experiences, as opposed to completing them.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Release Date Top Screen

Continuing off twitter tidbits, we’ve also learned that Xbox One players with EA Access will get to play the game early. Whether the same will apply to PC gamers, we don’t know yet.

Just two days ago, we were graced with a release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Hours after that, a new trailer from CES. See it for yourself and check out the little hints. The video showcases abilities, displays party member names that you might have missed, and grants a good look at the Tempest ship you’ll be flying in. We’ll no doubt learn more on the star ways to March 21st. So for then and beyond, remember to keep updated with COGconnected. Happy gaming. And do feel free to let us know your thoughts on season pass.