King of Fighters 14 Looking Hot After Latest Patch Drops

1.10 Patch Adds Extra Details and Shading, other Cosmetic Upgrades

For players dissatisfied with the graphics in KOF XIV, there may be hope yet. A major patch has been released for the latest entry in the venerable fighting series, bringing significant upgrades to the character models.

King of Fighters Patch 1.10

The King of Fighters series has been a genre staple for over 20 years. XIV is the first entry in the main series since 2010. While the games focus more on mechanics than graphics, XIV still represents a major change in visuals for the franchise. This latest patch brings the game’s fighters some much-needed detail befitting a PS4 title.

The King of Fighters series has used 2D sprites for every previous entry. KOF XIV is the first game in the series to use all 3D models. Fans were skeptical of the game’s graphics upon its release. The sudden shift to 3D models was a difficult transition for a lot of players, especially long-time fans of the franchise. Patch 1.10 may not be enough to placate fans of the old 2D character style, but it goes a long way in improving the game’s appearance.

Other changes being made include new character colour variations, profile icons and titles. Small fixes are also being implemented, such as the ability to save button configurations for player 2’s controller. Most of the patch’s features will available immediately, although the new titles will still be unlocked through completing online matches.

For a longer look at the patch’s graphical improvements, check out the trailer below:

SOURCE: Press Release