Duncan Jones Gives His Ideas for a Warcraft Movie Sequel

And Fans are Jumping on Board for the Possibility of a Trilogy

Being a fan, Duncan Jones has surely given extensive thought to the Warcraft movie and beyond. Despite the fact that Warcraft was the highest-grossing video game-to-film adaptation, it still under-performed. If not for its successful reception in China, notions of a sequel might be dead in the water. But over 430 million dollars world-wide might(emphasis on might) leave some hope.


Apparently, the fan director retained his ideas for the Warcraft movie franchise. Through a number of tweets, Jones delivered fans a series of potential plot points. Some may be spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movie, but probably not to anyone who knows the lore: “Main orc focus would have been Go’el’s imprisonment & violent bid for freedom,” tweeted Jones. The grown son of Durotan would provide his compelling transition from Warcraft’s ending.

But Dalaran, too, is part of his on-screen road map: “[Warcraft 2] would have seen Dalaran LAND in the Alterac mountains & magic proliferate as Kirin Tor try to be more open after death of Llane.” Among the fan-favorite reveals was his plan for Orgrim Doomhamer’s new armor. The hammer-wielding hero of the Horde could potentially dawn his black getup for some great cinematic fan-service.

Warcraft Movie

Furthermore, after providing his basic outline, he acknowledged the first film’s issues: “You have to focus. Trying to serve too many threads is exactly the problem that got us in this position.” Perhaps, if given another chance, Jones could achieve that focus for creating a great film. But only Legendary, the film’s production company, can decide what happens next.

Rotten Tomatoes currently has Warcraft at a 28% critic rating while scoring 72% with audiences. Until we know more, franchise fans can tie themselves over with World of Warcraft: Legion, as per usual. But before doing that, feel free to comment your thoughts on the movie and whether or not we’ll see a sequel. And for more updates, stay tuned to COGconnected. Happy 2017.