Check Out the New Overwatch Oasis Map in Blizzard’s New Trailer

And Oasis Marks the Beginning of Overwatch Content for 2017

Among many things we cannot fault in Overwatch, one is the maps. Blizzard paints a detailed environment for every competitive set in the game. Then, for the fun of it, they make them interactive. Well now they’ve added another amazing area to the list. Presenting Overwatch Oasis:

This is certainly different from anything we’ve seen thus far. And this latest addition offers a control map: a match whereby two teams focus on capturing a central point. Such matches provide the most brawl-like games, which are fun in their own right. It follows the snowy Nepal, urban Lijiang Tower, and sea-side Ilios in that regard, each offering unique surroundings and varied choke points. Thus, no two maps ever feel the same. Praises to Blizzard for that.

Overwatch just finished it’s Winter Wonderland event, but 2017 offers much more. In addition to maps, we expect new characters and interesting events. So for more updates on Blizzard content, check back with COGconnected. Happy gaming.