Win a Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Headset for Your PlayStation 4

Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Headset Giveaway

Yes, you read correctly, we are giving away a new, still sealed and in the box wireless headset, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 from Turtle Beach. This headset boasts an impressive 15 hour battery life, has a very cool aesthetic and exceptional 7.1 surround sound. We told you about this headset in our recently published Gear Guide. We also reviewed the set and you can check out that review here.

Stealth 520

When Erin reviewed the set for us she said: “Now the question on everyone’s mind: is the Stealth 520 worth the price? The answer is definitely, unless you are a casual gamer who might not appreciate the improvements and additions to a cheaper headset. While marketed for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, the Stealth 520 is also compatible with mobiles and can be used with computers as long as there is an digital optical port available. This allows for some headset versatility which increases the already amazing value of the Stealth 520. Between the amazing audio, and the comfortable padding, the Stealth 520 is the ultimate headset for gamers who want a quality product without spending a couple hundred dollars.”

Check out our review here.

Contest Rules and Bonus Entries:

1. Tell us why you’d like a Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Headset. Respond in the comments section below and leave an email (or your Twitter handle) we can contact you. That gets you one entry in the draw.
2. Re-tweeting the contest and following at @COGconnected on Twitter will get you a second entry into the draw. Tell us in the comments if you did that.
3. “Like” us on Facebook and you will get another entry. Of course, tell us if you did that too.
4. Subscribe to our youtube page and you will get yet another entry.

Too easy, right? This contest closes December 17th, so that we can make every effort to get you the headset before Christmas.

Thank you to Turtle Beach for supplying us the headset specifically for this giveaway.



  • Gary Hoy

    I need a new headset. Mine was destroyed by a very large dog and I like to be able to communicate respectfully with other gamers. I liked on FB and subbed YT not a tweeter guy.

  • Thomas Wright

    I want these headphones because I’m an audiophile. Not only is the way the game looks important to me, but also how it sounds. I love being immersed in my game, be it skyrim or titanfall 2. If i won these headphones they’d be out to good use.

  • divorcedgaming

    i broke my old ones accidently and with xmas coming the kids pressies are coming first before i can get a new headset @divorcedgaming:disqus

  • William DeFreis

    I ordered two pairs of the Sony Gold wireless headsets, one for me and another as a gift, that are now “deemed lost” in the mail. So now I’m back at square one needing find another replacement. I’d love to have a good headset since I play a lot, but my girlfriend doesn’t particularly enjoy listening. I liked, followed, retweeted, subscribed and I am now a new fan of your site! @billdef

  • Auntienursey

    Got a husband who is hard of hearing and uses headphones to assist with game play and having a pair of these would really enhance his gaming experience!

  • Josh

    The reason I like the turtle beach 520 is because of the rave reviews about them on the internet and I would love the opportunity to have a pair myself. I have never had a true pair of gaming headphones, I still have the singular PS4 headphone that came with it originally and would love to talk to my family and friends who I play or talk over the chat party on PS4 without my ear hurting and having to switch ears every 5-10 min, thank you for the opportunity to enter in this contest, congrats to the future winner as well.

  • Sayul Gudman

    Hello, COGConnected
    First of all, I like the Turtle Beach 520 headset so much because of it’s 7.1 surround system, it’s brilliant and especially the healthy design, that holes will allow the air circulation between your ear and outside, prevents sweat. That’ why I like it and I need it so much, I can’t buy because good headsets are expensive and I can’t trust many of them, but I read your review and it looks promising. My Twitter account is @ejderemir . I followed you and retweeted the post about that giveaway. Also, I liked your page on Facebook and subscribed you on YouTube. I hope I will win that.:)))

  • Max Sarver

    The reason why I like the headset cause they are better than my current pair. Which is none.

  • Shaun Murray

    I would very much appreciate the headset to experience the high quality audio from my PlayStation games. As an aspiring professional classical musician, I have a high appreciation for video game music, and my bank account could use a break 🙂
    Thanks for your consideration!

  • Drew Rothman

    I’d like one because I just got a PS4 and the only time I can play is after my wife and our two little boys are asleep. This would mean no longer playing with the surround system turned down to barely audible level!

  • Onur A. Ayaz

    While I do enjoy using my Apple earbuds, especially when playing my games, I’d appreciate a much more crisper, clearer and over-all better experience while gaming. I can always appreciate the subtle noises developers put in the background, providing a much more ambient environment in the game.
    P.S the portability sounds very useful too.

  • Eduardo Molina

    I have a $20 dollar headset need i say more? Always wanted to hear the difference of a decent headset. Help a brother out.

  • Isai Razvan Mircea

    I always wanted a ninja turtle before I was 5 years old :).

  • Richard W

    I’ve always been told how good turtle beach headsets are and I would love to see first hand.

  • Lee murdock

    My wife wants a better head set for christmas,I just lost my job I’m to poor to buy one.

  • schussjuice

    My PlayStation Gold headset is held together by a Ritz cracker box and electrical tape in 3 places…

    Oooh and I subscribed to your YouTube page as well!

  • KF

    Who couldn’t use the best headset around. I’d love 7.1 to go with my new ps4 pro. Match made in heaven?

  • Wayne Parry

    I would love a turtle beach 520 headset.As turtle beach reaches heights other headset’s just cannot reach!Also I have subscribed to your youtube channel and followed and retweeted on twitter and also liked your Facebook page.Fingers crossed lol.My email is