Father of Utada Hikaru Retracts Her Involvement in Kingdom Hearts III

The Father of Utada Hikaru Retracts Her Confirmed Involvement in the Kingdom Hearts III Soundtrack

The music of Utada Hikaru has been a staple of the Kingdom Hearts series since the beginning, however, her father announced that her involvement with the next installment in the series, Kingdom Hearts III, is still not 100%. Although all has been quiet on the front for updates involving the third installation, it was reported that Utada Hikaru was working away on new music for the game’s soundtrack. Now, Utada Hikaru’s father and manager has retracted a statement made earlier this week regarding her new work on the game’s music.

utada hikaru kingdom hearts III

On Twitter, he replied to a user stating “We are eager to do it. however, our decision is not official yet.”

Although her involvement with Kingdom Hearts III is not completely confirmed, fans are still eagerly hoping she will continue to make music for the beloved Disney/Square Enix series. With iconic songs like “Simple and Clean” and Kingdom Hearts and “Sanctuary” on Kingdom Hearts II, if she decides to not be involved, it will be a hard time for fans awaiting a new, beautiful song from her to lead the way into the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III. There is no official statement about her involvement other than what has been said by her father on Twitter.