Steampunk RPG Trulon: The Shadow Engine Coming to Xbox One in 2017

The Magically Steampunk RPG, Trulon: The Shadow Engine, Will Be Coming to Xbox One Console in Early 2017

Earlier this year Trulon: The Shadow Engine saw its release on PC, Mac and Linux through Steam, and now we’ll be seeing it on console. Publisher Headup¬†Games announced that the female protagonist lead, steampunk RPG game will also be coming Xbox One early in the first quarter of 2017, sometime between January and February.

Steampunk RPG Trulon The Shadow Engine

So next year, you’ll be able to join Gladia and all the other playable characters on their quests through the Trulon Universe from the comfort of console. Whether or not all the bug issues they had with the game on Steam will be joining you on Xbox One is a different story.

Although the game’s card combat system is fun and the battles and challenges against NPCS have been highly praised, the amount of experience-ruining bugs that were also present were a big issue for players. These weren’t just any bugs either, they would range from causing a player to have to repeat a level, to having to restart the entire game, so it’s kind of obvious why this would be a concern.