Will Resident Evil 7 Topple the Charts on Day One?

Industry Giant, Capcom, Hoping to Hit 4 Million Sales on Resident Evil 7 Release Date, Demo Now Available

Publisher Capcom is banking on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard to be their biggest game launch to date on current systems. Their marketing director, Antoine Molant said, “Ideally, we’d love to sell 4m on Day One globally. That would be great.” Molant cited, “very good” pre order numbers and a solid marketing plan for December as reasons to assume they could very well break that 4 million threshold. If pre order numbers are already as good as they say, they could have a shot of hitting their goal by the release date of January 24, 2017 (January 26 in Japan).

Resident Evil 7 title screen

11 years ago, Capcom broke new ground in the survival horror genre with their title, Resident Evil 4. The game was widely considered to be the definitive 3rd person, over the shoulder, horror shooter of its time and rocketed the series into popularity among many different platforms. Since then, Resident Evil games have been some of Capcom’s biggest sellers, taking #1 and 2 on their best seller charts. According to Capcom’s official site, Resident Evil 5 sold 7 million copies and Resident Evil 6 sold 6.5 million. Those are year to date sales numbers, including sales over several years, so shooting for 4 million sales on the first day of launch seems pretty aggressive.

Resident Evil 4

The demo for the game has been available for a while on PS3 and as of today is now available to Xbox One owners as well! Though PC gamers will have to wait a while to get their hands on the demo, the rest of us can now get hands-on time with this promising new title!

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard “Kitchen" Demo

There is no question as to the popularity of Resident Evil games, and if Capcom can pull off another Resident Evil as innovative and polished as #4, there is no reason their game won’t sell millions of copies. As for selling 4 million in one day? That seems like a pretty tall mountain to climb… But if you’re as big a fan of these games as we are, get your hands on that demo and see if you think Resident Evil 7 will blow up the charts in 2017!