Arcade Inspired Shooter Pawarumi Hits Steam Greenlight

Classic Ship Based Shooter Pawarumi Brings Some Rockin’ Style to a Classic Genre

Somewhere between Space Invaders and Starfox 64 lives the type of 2D, ship-based, frantic shooter game that Manufacture 43 is hoping to bring back with their new title, Pawarumi.  The fledgling studio is barely a year old but they have gotten Pawarumi onto Steam Greenlight and they have released a nifty teaser in hopes of gaining some momentum for this souped-up shooter.

Pawarumi screen

The Mayan influence is immediately noticeable in Pawarumi, from the art style (especially of the boss enemies) to the plot.  You play as a character named Axo, and piloting the legendary ship, Chukaru, you fight against the evil Mayan regime that rules the world. Sounds interesting, but honestly, story is never the biggest selling point in games like this. Gameplay mechanics are what set these arcade style games apart, and Pawarumi has a ton of nifty features that should keep players engaged and coming back for more.  Check out the teaser they released today and if you like what you see, toss them an upvote on Greenlight.

The biggest new mechanic in Pawarumi is the rock-paper-scisors style combat.  Your ship is outfitted with three different weapons, apparently granted by assorted gods, that will have varying effects on three different broad enemy types. You might be able to hit an enemy for double damage, or steal health from it, or charge a super attack depending on the combination of weapon and enemy.  You’ll have access to all three weapons from the bat, and Pawarumi promises that you will have to find new ways to use them in each level.

pawarumi ship

If you’re into competition in games like this, Pawarumi will have leaderboards, and they will apparently be cumulative. That means scores are going to get astronomical, giving players plenty of reason to replay the same levels, looking for new ways to rack up the points! Last but not least, the game will have an awesome Peruvian Industrial Metal soundtrack. Manufacture 43 promises, “You can be sure that you never heard anything like this! And depending on how well you play the game music will change accordingly to the situation.”  If all this craziness heaped on top of fast-paced classic shooting action sounds like a good time to you, head on over to Greenlight and help make sure this epic Mayan adventure takes off!

Source: press release