Kojima Productions’ Mascot Can be Yours for only $1999

Pre-orders Now Available for Kojima Productions Figure, to be Released in 2018

Prime 1 Studio has a figure coming out to immortalize Kojima Productions’ new Mascot.

Ludens figure half scale

Ludens, the aforementioned mascot, is over five feet tall, with the scale being listed as 1:2. Ludens has yet to be featured in any games, starring only in a promotional video showcasing the company’s reformation. If you’re dedication to Hideo Kojima and his works runs deep enough, there’s still a chance to secure this enormous collector’s item.

Kojima Productions has a rich history in gaming. The company is most famous for the Metal Gear Solid franchise, although they also created Boktai and Zone of the Enders. After a string of hits, Kojima Productions split off from Konami to be reformed in 2015.

If the prohibitive cost is an issue, the website features an installment payment plan. The statue is limited to 150 units, each one signed by Kojima himself. Given the colossal size of Ludens, making any more of them would probably require a supplemental Kickstarter campaign. If you’re the sort of person who’s always finding wads of 100s in your couch cushions this is your time to shine. Or, if you’re looking to build a shrine to Hideo Kojima, this would make a great centerpiece.

SOURCE: Game Transfers