New Horizon Zero Dawn Video: A Closer Look at Aloy

A New Video “Secrets of the Past” Gives Us a Closer Look at Who Our Heroine Really Is!

When Horizon Zero Dawn was first announced at E3 2015, the trailer was beautiful. During the trailer, players see a marvelous look at beautiful wilderness populated by fascinating mechanized creatures. We also got a glimpse at a protagonist who would become instantly recognizable.

Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy

Aloy, the main heroine for Guerilla Games upcoming title, is a noticeable main character. From what we can tell about her at first glance, she is a tough fiery haired woman unafraid of traversing the wilderness teaming with mecha-beasts. But in the latest video on the Playstation Blog, the creators at Guerrilla Games gave us a better glimpse into her character and who she is.

In Secrets of the Past, the creators explain what motivates Aloy. Co-founder and Managing Director Herman Hull explained they wanted the player to be able to discover the environment as Aloy discovers it. “We wanted somebody who was very curious, intelligent and takes in this wondrous world full of mystery to unravel,”. He went on to state why the inquisitive nature of Aloy is integral for how she interacts with the characters in the game and the world itself. She is one who asks questions, “There are a lot of beliefs and mythology in the tribes you meet in the game, but she doesn’t really buy into that and is a very down to earth girl who questions and puts everything into her own perspective.”

All this forethought for a character has formed one who is rapidly becoming a fan favorite, and her game is not even out yet. As a result, she is already so solidly entrenched in gamer culture that there are walkthroughs on how to recreate her look for cosplay. Guerilla Games even released their own, so you too can look ready to take down a charging machine.

If you have not seen the trailer that previewed at PSX 2016 check out the article we did covering it. Players can currently preorder Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4.  The game will be released on Feb 28, 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn (6)

So, what are you thinking? Excited to play as Aloy in this brand new world? Are you as stoked as I am to take down robotic animals? Let us know in the comments!