Sony Releases Short Gravity Rush Anime Filling Gaps between 1 and 2

How about a Side of Animation with Your PS4 Exclusive?

Because story gaps are for quitters. Sony has just released an animated short in anticipation of its latest PlayStation 4 exclusive, Gravity Rush 2. This bit of Gravity Rush anime exists to fill in the gaps between both games. Presenting Gravity Rush the Animation – Overture, a simple setting gravitating us towards the next game’s impending release:

Players of the first title will remember characters Kat and Raven, and may be eager to see them after the cliffhanger ending of Gravity Rush. Now they star in this animation, a possible way to gratify fans in the wait for Gravity Rush 2.

Anyone not acquainted with the Gravity Rush saga should consider trying out Gravity Rush Remastered, originally released on PS Vita and currently available for PlayStation 4.  And for our own review of the game, you can check out this section of our website. You may find Gravity Rush to be an RPG like no other, with unique game mechanics just as intriguing as the name sounds. But back to the animation. With 17 minutes split into two parts, here’s part two:

This Gravity Rush anime was produced by Studio Khara, the same studio that rebuilt the legendary Evangelion franchise. It will be available on blu-ray with the purchase of Gravity Rush 2Additionally, you can download the Gravity Rush 2 demo right now on PSN before the full game’s release on January 20. And for more of the latest, be sure to check back with COGconnected. Happy gaming.