Genital Jousting Gets Hilarious “Throbbing Update” Which Adds New Modes, Maps and More

Genital Jousting Gets Big Throbbing Update

Earlier this month, we reviewed Genital Jousting and said “if you can gather a few like-minded friends, this game is absolutely worth your money. I can think of far worse ways to spend such a paltry sum, and I’m sure you will too, after some time spent playing this game.” Today, Free Lives (the developer behind Bro Force), have released a new update for its online and local multiplayer party game about fighting genitalia. Naturally, the update is called the “Big Throbbing Update.”

Genital Jousting Ins1

The update brings three new game modes: Fine Dining, Lord Of The Rings, and Abstinence. It also brings three new maps: Wrestling (on a boat), Lube Luge, and Butt sex (balls deep), as well as five new outfits. Additionally, Party Mode is now available online, and SPORTSBALL has been temporarily removed from said mode due to it causing crashes. Free Lives says it’s currently working on a remedy for the issue. Further details on the new modes, maps, and outfits are currently scarce, however, you can see some of the new content showcased in the latest video below.

Genital Jousting is available now on PC via Steam Early Access for $4.99 USD (though currently it is 25 percent off).