Free New Game plus Update for Dishonored 2 Goes Live

Dishonored 2 gets NG+ Update, Ads Hours of Unique Gameplay to Already Huge Title

Despite a few slight launch stumbles that we covered here, Dishonored 2 has really been raising the bar for what it means to support a game post launch.  Updates and patches have already fixed many of the initial problems and today, December 19, 2016, Bethesda brings players an update that not only ads depth and gameplay, but is also completely free. Get ready to cause a whole lot more mayhem in Dishonored 2, because new game plus is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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New game plus is a mechanic that is becoming more common in games lately, and usually means that once you finish a play through, you can start over at the beginning of the story, but retain all the gear and levels you collected in your first go. Generally, enemies will be tougher and you can make different story decisions in NG+ but Dishonored goes further than that. Whether you chose to play as Emily or Corvo, the game’s two protagonists, NG+ will start you back at the beginning of the game with access to all the abilities of both characters! Having access to all the skills from both uniquely playing characters can dramatically reshape your second journey through the world.

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Not only does Bethesda truly deliver a more robust experience with this free update, but they have yet another free update planned for January, you can check out the specs. here. Dishonored 2 definitely lives up to Bethesda’s reputation for immersive, story driven gameplay, and giving players goodies like NG+ mode and different difficulty options really opens the door to some wildly different play throughs.

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If you’ve ever played Bethedsa games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim, you know how much your decisions matter. Just by making a few alternate choices, you can mold an entirely unique experience that amazingly feels fresh, even after you’ve beaten the game a few times.  Dishonored 2‘s version of NG+ brings the game to an unprecedented level in terms of replay value. With even more permutations of power combinations, play styles, and decisions to make than ever before, Dishonored 2 has never offered more bang for your buck.  While most games today rely on PVP mechanics to create replay value, Bethesda is finding new ways to create more meaningful gameplay hours for their players, and they are doing it without punching us in the wallet.  Here’s to you Bethesda, You’re doing it right!

Source: press release