Xbox Backwards Compatible System Going Strong

Backwards Compatible Titles Receiving Widespread Support Among Xbox Players

Phil Spencer took to Twitter yesterday to praise the continued success of Xbox’s backwards compatible library. There are now more than 300 BC titles available for the Xbox One. The most recent additions to the library are the Bioshock trilogy, which were added to the list as of yesterday.

The system was announced during last year’s E3 conference. The initial list of available titles went from 15 to 100 in less than a year. The list of backwards compatible titles should continue to steadily grow. During the system’s launch phase, Larry Hryb explained that they only needed developer approval for any given title to appear on the list.
phil spencer

These player stats are an important marker for Xbox, signalling the success of their chosen retro strategy. Whereas Playstation and Nintendo have adopted other strategies with varying levels of success, Xbox is using a method that doesn’t lean on a digital library. This means that collectors and longtime Xbox supporters can hold on to their whole collection of games, knowing that they still work. Although it doesn’t apply to the complete library yet, the BC system is flexible. Nintendo, who encourages repeat purchases of the same retro titles, could learn from this. At least Playstation’s library of digital games moves between devices.

The success of Xbox’s backwards compatibility system means that list of 300 titles should grow ever larger. To that end, hold onto those old games. They might find new life sooner than later.