Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Launches to Lower Review Scores Than Battlefield 1

BF1 Beating Infinite Warfare Review Score Wise

CoD fans rejoice as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now digitally and at global retailers worldwide. Review scores for the game have hit the internet and overall the grades are quite positive. On the PS4, the game is averaging an 81 on PS4 (with 36 reviews in) on Metacritic. Anything over 80 in this industry is considered pretty good, so Activision and fans should be pleased. What they won’t be happy about is Infinite Warfare is scoring lower Battlefield 1.


Battlefield 1 is currently averaging an 88 on PS4 (27 reviews in) on Metacritic. This is a full 7-points higher than Infinite Warfare. We don’t anticipate this gap closing anytime soon as critics everywhere are praising Battlefield’s gameplay and story telling while Infinite Warfare seems to be getting dinged for its lack of major innovation.

You can watch our Infinite Warfare video review here:

When COGconnected’s Trevor reviewed the game, he said this: “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare doesn’t reinvent the franchise in any way. It brings back everything fans love about the game and that is an exhilarating single player campaign, a frantically deep multiplayer experience and one of the most memorable zombie games you’ll ever play. As an added bonus, if you pick up one the special editions you also get Modern Warfare Remastered which looks absolutely stunning. If I can find any one fault with Infinite Warfare it would be that I still don’t see enough innovation and the development teams still appear far too gun shy to stray from the Call of Duty formula. By this stage we all know what we are getting and this year is really no different.”

We ended up giving Infinite Warfare an 86 while Battlefield 1 received a 91 from us. Our man Rory said “Battlefield 1 had a lot of hype behind it having one of the most liked trailers to ever hit YouTube and thankfully it mostly delivers on the promise of its early previews. With a great mix of trench and vehicular combat, an impressive and focused array of fun and archaic weapons, maps that dynamically change in natural ways, a fantastic new mode in ‘Operations’ and most surprising of all, an actually decent – if somewhat short – single player campaign, Battlefield 1 offers a fantastic package for shooter fans.”

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