Massive Hitman Update out Now!

The November Update for Hitman Has Been Released

The Hitman Finale, Episode 6: Hokkaido, was released almost one month ago, and today, the first in a series of planned updates has arrived. This major update has been released on all platforms and offers a bunch of fixes, as well as some new features to the game. The next update is set to arrive sometime in December and could offer a holiday theme or bonus, however no further details have been shared.


This November update includes some improvements made to each of the six episodes, general fixes, and offers a new ‘offline profile’. This offline profile is likely the most game changing to those wanting to use all unlockable items already earned (while connected to the game servers) in the offline mode. Check out some of the updates below, and the full list of the patch notes, including PC specific fixes, here.

General Improvements

  • Offline Profile
    • All unlockable items that are earned when connected to the game’s servers, are now also saved to an ‘offline profile’, meaning that they can be used when in Offline Mode.
    • Items include all mastery items; including weapons, gear, starting/pickup locations as well as elusive target suit rewards and challenge pack unlocks.
  • Stability Sweep
    • Fixed different issues across all locations that previously resulted in the game crashing or becoming unstable.
  • Opportunity Completion Checkmark
    • Added functionality to mark an opportunity with a checkmark when it has been successfully completed.
    • This will show you the completed opportunities at-a-glance, making it easier to track completion when trying to achieve the achievements/trophies.
  • Contracts Mode ‘Success State’
    • After playing a Contract, the menu will now show either a checkmark (complete) or a cross (fail) to show your status for the Contract.
  • Pull an Enemy
    • In this update, Agent 47 has the ability to pull people over balconies or out of windows, when he is hanging on a ledge or below the balcony/window.
    • This ability will be removed and fixed in the December update and returned in the January update as there is a known issue: NPC’s that see this move will not blame 47, even if they are looking directly at him.

General Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where a gun rattling sound could be heard when crouching after dropping a weapon
  • Fixed an issue where a challenge notification would be displayed after the first kill in a mission
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon HUD would sometimes display incorrectly when using ‘minimal’ HUD settings
  • Fixed an issue where subtitles could still be seen in the Pause Menu
  • Fixed an issue with Cyrillic characters not rendering properly on the Contracts Briefing tile