Pokemon Go Daily Users Drop To An All Time Low

The Focus Is Starting To Shift Towards VR 

The Pokemon Go firestorm is finally starting to simmer, daily users over the past month has reached an all time low but don’t worry, Pokemon Go still dominates the charts.


According to research done by Axiom Capital Management, collecting data from Survey Monkey, Sensor Tower and Apptopia determined that Pokemon Go has peaked and is on a downward trend. 

Even overall Google searches for augmented reality have declined, investors are asking if this technology is a viable investment over VR. It’s not surprising given the recent announcements from events like E3. Here’s a comparison of VR compared to AR interest on the web.

Augmented-realityWhile Pokemon Go daily users dropped from number one free app to the 11th, it still reigns as the highest grossing app. About 30 million active users are on at a given time, it seems Pokemon fever is going to be around for a little longer.

The popularity of Pokemon Go caused Nintendo’s stock to skyrocket making their stocks worth more than Sony’s but when Nintendo released a statement saying they had no direct hand in making Pokemon Go their stock dropped.