April’s Loot Anime Theme Revealed – MUSIC


What’s up Loot Anime fans!? We’ve got the details on the upcoming Loot Anime crate for April with the month’s theme revealed to be MUSIC. Fans can look forward to a ton of killer exclusive gear as always with this month’s goodies featuring items from Hatsune Miku, Show by Rock, and Hypersonic Music Club! If you’re in the dark as to what exactly Loot Anime is, well let’s get that cleared up for you. Loot Anime is a monthly subscription box that brings subscribers a delicious box of anime and manga items. Yo get everything from figurines, apparel, accessories, manga, collectibles and more. It’s every month’s favorite mystery. Much more fun than the mystery of ‘what was in that stew I was just served’ or ‘I wonder if Donald Trump REALLY IS AS STUPID as he seems’?

If you’re a really lucky Loot Anime fan you could even win the coveted Kaiju crate that is so full of good things it’ll make your head spin. With over $1500 worth of items it’s an anime fan’s dream come true. The Kaiju Crate this month features:

  • Your Lie in April: Original Song and O.S.T.
  • Your Lie in April: Met the Girl Under Full Bloomed Cherry Blossoms
  • 100 Hits Presents: Karaoke Party
  • VocoPro HERO-REC BASIC Home Karaoke System
  • Hatsune Miku HSP Version 20 cm (Max Factory)
  • VocoPro VHF33084 Vocal Dynamic Microphone
  • 64GB Silver Apple iPod


That’s a ton of amazing stuff!

If regular old Loot Crate is more your speed you can check out our unboxing of last month’s VS crate plus our official review. If gaming is more you’re deal you can also check out the reveal for next month’s Loot Gaming crate with the theme of METRO.