Indie Side-Scroller ‘Teslagrad’ Coming to Xbox One With 10 New Levels

Publisher Snow Cannon Games and developer Rain Games have announced that they are bringing Teslagrad, the indie hit with over 1.6 million copies sold, to Xbox One on March 9th with 10 new levels. These levels, which are exclusively available on Xbox One, will, according to the developers, “challenge both new players and those familiar with the title.”

“We’re looking forward to continuing the Teslagrad story and challenge on Xbox,” says Peter Meldahl, CEO of Rain Games. “Our new levels not only increase Teslagrad’s playtime by about 10 percent, they also increase its difficulty. These levels were designed to be some of the most challenging in the entire game.”

Teslagrad has been well-received for its beautiful hand drawn art and challenging gameplay. The title has also been nominated for two Nordic Game awards, including Best Game of the Year, and a Unity Award nomination for Best 2D Visuals.

“We’re proud to bring Teslagrad to Xbox One,” said Espen Askvik, CEO of Snow Cannon Games. “With the tremendous response the game has already received among fans and players, we’re excited to be able to make new content available exclusively to the Xbox One community.”

Interested? Teslagrad will be available on the Xbox Store for $14.99. Want to know more? Check out the game’s Xbox One website here.

SOURCE: Press Release