Play as an Undercover CIA Agent Infiltrating the KGB in Alekhine’s Gun Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Set in the 1960s Cold War era, Alekhine’s Gun places players in the shoes of a KGB agent working undercover for the CIA to expose and derail a global plot that could change the course of history. Given multiple choices to eliminate enemies, as well as vast, open environments to explore, players have the freedom to invent gameplay through a rich, story-driven campaign. Coming November 10 to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

With the tension of a nuclear standoff growing with each passing minute, your mission is clear…though how you accomplish it is anything but.

Only one thing is certain: Time won’t stop, and it’s too late to go backward. As you unravel the conspiracy unfolding in front of your very eyes, the fate of America, and quite possibly the world, lies within your hands.

Key Features:

  • 11 Open Game Levels – Intriguing European, U.S., and Cuban locations
  • Explore multiple routes, hidden rooms, and numerous methods to execute assignments
  • Choose Your Play Style
  • Infiltrate enemy bases, steal documents, eliminate conspirators, and stage “accidents”
  • Use disguises, silent takedowns, poisons, firearms, knives, wire garrote, and a variety of other weapons to accomplish missions
  • Maximize Your “Stealth Ranking”
  • Gain higher rankings based on your ability to successfully complete levels without being detected
  • Earn specialized weapons to dispose of enemies
  • Experience Stylized, Period-Correct “Film Noir” Cutscenes
  • Glimpse the attitudes and motivations behind main characters through expressive artwork and voiceover
  • Obtain historical perspective and insight into the story’s plot