Curses ‘N Chaos Coming to PS4, PS Vita August 18th

Curses ‘N Chaos from Tribute Games will launch on the PS4 and PS Vita next week – August 18th.

Tribute Games President, Jonathan Lavigne, said on PlayStation Blog that the team is really excited for this release. “Well, at Tribute Games we’re in our 30s (We’re pretty old!), so we lived through the golden age of the arcades. Curses ‘N Chaos is a tribute to that era and it’s meant to allow all 21st century boys and girls, as well as older gamers, to have as much fun as we had playing those great games,” he said.

“At its core, Curses ‘N Chaos plays like a classic arcade game. You pick your character (Lea or Leo), pick a level, and start punching and kicking monsters solo or cooperatively. What’s special about the combat is that in addition to the smooth controls and lightning quick responsiveness, you have a huge arsenal of items at your disposal,” added Lavigne. “In fact, enemies drop tons of items, so no need to hoard them! Use your items liberally, overcome all waves of enemies, and defeat the bosses!”