Love it or Hate it, Hatred Shoots to the Top of Steam’s Best Seller List


It’s hard to remember a game that has been as polarizing or volatile in it’s pre-release as Destructive Creations’ Hatred. Not since GTA was the hot topic on every video game naysayers tongue has a game garnered this kind of attention. Now, despite the anger and vitriol of its detractors, Hatred has hit the high note on Steam’s Top Sellers list within only hours of its release surpassing stalwarts like GTA V and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the recently released Witcher 3. Considering that the game has been blocked in numerous countries, including Germany and Australia to name a couple, it is no small feat. Will the hype last? That’s something that’s left to be seen as a lot of gamers are surely awaiting final reviews of the title.

It’s hard to say whether the day one popularity is actual interest in the game or people just curious what all the fuss is about but the small Polish team behind the game are surely ecstatic at how this has all worked out. In a year that has seen the game on the precipice of never being released on Steam and its renewed lease on life thanks to Gabe Newell stepping in to the fact that Hatred is one of only a handful of games to receive the ESRB’s ‘Adults Only’ rating it has been a crazy journey for Destructive Creations. With supporters arguing ‘artistic creative freedom’ and detractors screaming ‘hyper-violent and over the top’ there’s no doubt that the spotlight has been shined on this title since the beginning.

While we work on our review of the controversial title feel free to check out a short 20-minute ‘Let’s Play’ from our reviewer currently on the job.