Noodlecake Announces Sunburn! Coming to Android

Canadian indie outfit Noodlecake Games, based in Saskatoon, announced today that they are bringing the mobile puzzler game Sunburn! to Android starting on May 14th.

Noodlecake has been working with developer Secret Crush Games on the Android version of the popular iOS game.  Check out the release trailer here:

Sunburn! is a gravity-puzzler that blends pixel graphics with physics-based gameplay.  It has been popular with mobile players, who appreciate its fun and cute graphics that contrast strongly with its sometimes-dark theme.

Noodlecake is an acclaimed indie developer of mobile games such as Super Stickman Golf and Lunar Racer.  Founded in 2011, they achieved quick success with Super Stickman Golf, a mobile game that brought fresh new visuals with addictive gameplay.  They have since expanded into publishing, working with companies like Secret Crush to bring indie games to market.