The Official Guide for the Complete Galaxy on Fire 2 Saga is Now Available on the App Store!

Merely two weeks after the successful launch of Supernova™, the second add-on to Fishlabs’ award-winning Galaxy on Fire 2 saga, the official guide to the popular sci-fi adventure is now available for download. “GOF2 Guide HD” has been developed in cooperation with Steel Media. For long-time fans and newbie pilots alike, it constitutes an absolutely essential supplement to the best open space shooter on the App Store! No matter whether you need help on a mission or with a blueprint – due to its compact, interactive layout and interface, the official GOF2 guide will help you out whenever you’re stuck in space.

The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Galaxy on Fire 2™ features: 

  • The only official guide to the main game Galaxy on Fire 2™ and the two add-ons Valkyrie™ and Supernova™
  • Make the right choice with our comprehensive profiles of all of the weapons available in the Galaxy on Fire 2 universe
  • Get to know the complete Galaxy on Fire 2™ fleet with our rundown of the complete set of official stats and info
  • Be on first-name terms with the games’ vast range of equipment and plan your upgrade path according to your play preferences
  • Maximize your profits by learning where to buy and where to sell every commodity with our handy taptastic breakdown
  • Glimpse at Supernova™, with our complete content breakdown of the latest Galaxy on Fire 2™ add-on yet
  • All of the Galaxy on Fire 2™ Blueprints exposed: know their location, learn the recipes, enjoy your creations
  • Tour the Galaxy on Fire 2™ universe and its Jumpgate network with our intergalactic sat-nav
  • Go behind-the-scenes thanks to exclusive in-depth interviews with the minds behind the Galaxy on Fire game

“GOF2 Guide HD“ is now available on the App Store for €1,59 / $1,99 /£1,49 at